Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Driving all over the state, part 1...

It's getting to that part of the year when there aren't a whole lot of games left to cover and the most important ones so the distances get even farther. Like having to go to Lubbock (150 miles west) on one night and then to Dallas (180 miles east), but that's another post. The first game was the Class A state semifinal game between Albany and Stratford. It was a rematch of last year's state semifinal game that Albany lost 28-0.
This year's game was different, but it started out looking the same. Stratford started our with a drive that looked like the game was going to be really quick. Stratford's first drive lasted almost 10 minutes! However, they couldn't score on it. Two plays later Albany (completely out of character) threw a long pass for a 65-yard touchdown. That pretty much set the tempo for the game. During the next drive Albany picked off a pass and returned it for a touchdown. After that it was the typical run it down your throat football that the Lions are know for.
Late in these game with such emotions running wild if the game is in hand I usually put down the long glass and start roaming around the bench area looking for the emotional photos. This is one of the great things about high school football is being able to walk around and make photos in the bench area... try doing that at a college or pro game! While I was watching everyone was crowding around Albany head coach Denney Faith. Since most of the starters play both ways they were out on the field as the clock expired but a couple of the kids and assistant coaches were jumping around. They mobbed the coach and one of the assistants in his excitement ended up pulling down coach Faith and I think kids thought it was a dogpile, the top photo is from the start of it. The funny part is after the pile let up on coach Faith his glasses were missing a lens and all twisted metal! No one was hurt and I mentioned it to the reporter writing about the story. He was able to get a good quote about it and mention it in his story.




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