Friday, March 5, 2010

2 Games, 2 Cities, 1 Day...

Last Friday was kind of an odd day. I had two assignments, both basketball games. One in Abilene and the second one in Lubbock. The Abilene game was Roby playing at 1pm in the Class 1A regional tournament. The second game was Wylie playing in Lubbock in the Class 3A regional tournament.
The first game was a great game... maybe a little too great. My plan was to leave for Lubbock at 3pm. Well, when the game went into overtime I figured that wasn't going to happen. But at least I was treated to a great game. Roby ended up winning the game in overtime. The game ended at 2:45 and I had to rush to the office to get the photos in and head out.
Well, I didn't leave at 3pm like I wanted it was almost 4pm. It's 150 miles and the Wylie game was at 7pm. I didn't have to break too many speed laws to get up there (thank god for those 70mph Texas speed limits!). I rolled up to the United Spirit Arena at 6:30 and made it to the game on time. Good thing I made it there so quick. Wylie just dismantled Burnet from the start holding them to only one field goal in the first quarter. I made a few decent photos but it was a pretty ugly game.




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