Monday, March 8, 2010

Heading to State...

Day two of my roadtrip to Lubbock was a lot easier than the rush to get there on time. I had stayed up until almost 4am putting the slideshows of the two previous day's games online, but then again I'm usually up that late anyway so it's no big deal. And, since the game was at 1pm and checkout at the hotel was noon, it all worked out perfect. Saturday's regional finals game wasn't a whole lot different from the previous night's semifinal. And, that wasn't really unexpected, after having watched the second half of the second game I didn't think Wylie would have a whole lot of a problem and they didn't. They got out to another big start and never really looked back. Liberty Hill did make a little run early in the fourth quarter but the game was pretty much decided by then they weren't going to let go. I even went as far to joke with the writer that was with me that we might as well make our hotel reservations for Austin right there.
The best part about games like these are not only are they played in big arenas with great light (and good lights that don't pulse and change colors on you). But, there is always so much emotions involved. I think that what I like about shooting girls basketball so much, women's sports always involve so much more emotion than the guys' equivalent. And this one was no different, there were plenty of emotions at the end of the game.





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