Thursday, March 11, 2010

State Tourney, Semifinals...

Thursday was the first day of the girls half of the state basketball tournament. The game was at the perfect time of day, 3:30pm. Which was nice I didn't have to get up early to make the 4 hour drive to Austin and it wasn't too late that I would have to worry about deadlines. After getting a little later start than I'd planned because of computer issues that needed to get fixed we got to the arena about 40 minutes before the start of the game which was a little delayed after the previous game went to overtime.
The game started out the same way the last few had, with Wylie jumping out to a quick lead and never looking back. They played great tight defense and sophomore Peyton Little showed why she was the best player on the court nearly outscoring the whole Giddings team with 30 points. The final score was 64-34. The best part of the Lady Bulldogs' win was the next game wasn't until Saturday and I got a day off on Friday.







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