Saturday, March 20, 2010

Forcing Out a Landmark...

The good thing about my blog as opposed to what I have to write for the newspaper is I can give my opinion in my writing. When I'm doing work for the paper I have to be balanced in coverage. Here it's my world, my story and my opinion. This is one I feel strongly about. I don't smoke, but I've always enjoyed going to The Leaf tobacco shop, both for assignments and for the occasional drink (they have a coffee bar there too). The owner, Bill, is super cool and always a good conversation.
The story assignment I got said The Leaf was closing. After finding out a little more about it before going over there I found out the owner of the building was essentially kicking him out. The reason being that he can't keep a tenant in the place upstairs from the shop because they always complain about the smoke. Ummmm, then why do these people move into this place? I mean it's not like they just opened the place? it's been there for 10 damn years!! Well, it was cool going in there to shoot for possibly the last time, hopefully Bill will find a better place and continue doing business for a long time, God knows we can't afford to lose anymore business here!

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