Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Break...

This is a story I shot on what parents do with their kids on Spring Break when they can't get time off themselves. We have some reporters who are really awesome and know how to help out a photog who is swamped, this one was one of them. On this day I had three other stories to shoot and one to write. So, when I called the reporter to try and get some info she not only gave me a name but had already told the contact a photographer may be coming. It worked out great and saved me some time of either having to call and explain what I wanted to do or show up and do the same thing. It worked out well, I ended up spending only about 30 minutes since I needed to get the photos in and hurry out to another assignment. I got some photos of them playing games in a classroom, but my favorite pix were from the last five minutes I was there of the kids playing basketball. The cool part is since it was a pretty informal game I could pretty much roam around on the court and shoot photos (I'd love to see what happened if I tried this in a high school or college game). It allowed me to shoot stuff I'd never be able to get shooting an organized game, which was what I was looking for.

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