Monday, May 17, 2010


These are the photos from the airshow I shot the day following the Thunderbirds dress rehearsal. This was supposed to go a lot smoother than it did. I had a parking pass to get on base and was supposed to be cleared to get through the front gate in the morning, well that didn't happen. So after waiting 40 minutes at the front gate to be turned away, then after waiting another 30 minutes in traffic and know I'd never make my noon assignment had I actually gotten on base, I left to shoot a crappy softball game only getting in about 40 minutes and then heading back to the traffic jam.
This time I figured I'd try a different route at getting in. I took the back way in through Tye and got right up to the gate. So, here I am thinking cool I'm almost there... not so much. It was STILL another 40 minutes to the parking lot. Then after that more than a half mile walk to get in the gate! So by the time I got there the Thunderbirds were about the only thing left. I guess I'm glad I shot the dress rehearsal, at least I knew how the performance would go! I was able to get most everything I needed plus some shot from the static displays and get out.
Ironically, the traffic getting out was just as bad, not to mention that there were still people lined up to get in after all the performances were over. I did feel bad for them. And, since the cars going out weren't moving that fast if at all I sat in my car and edited all my photos. After another 30 minutes I saw things were moving pretty quick, since everyone had gotten in they reversed the direction and had all lanes going out. Luckily it was only 30 minutes to get out!



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