Saturday, May 29, 2010

UIL Golf & Tennis Day 1, AKA Hell week...

Every year the first or second week in May brings hell week. The week of the UIL state golf, tennis and track championships all in one week. It's a week in Austin I both look forward to and dread every year. This year it was extra hard because we just had a ridiculous number of kids in the events. Every year we have a bunch of kids, but this year we had kids at every venue around Austin which meant going to two different gold courses and two different tennis venues. That was the worst part, due mainly in part to Class 4A & 5A or 2A & 3A tennis being held in Lakeway, a snobby country club community about a 30-40 minute drive with traffic from downtown Austin.
To say I despise Lakeway would be an understatement. I try to keep my complaining on here mum and be as positive as I can on here. But there is nothing good about Lakeway. The people there are rude, from the members there to the people running the tournament. It's not unheard of to have matches running 4+ hours late for any number of reasons including the members having to play their matches on the courts which are supposed to be reserved for 2 days for the state tennis tournament!
So, anyway, back to hell week. On the first day I try to get to golf early enough to follow the players for a few holes before needing to leave for tennis. Then it's off to tennis at UT's tennis complex. After shooting a few matches there it's golf course #2, then to hell... errr, Lakeway. After fighting traffice I get there to find out everything is backed up, the problem is it's backed up even further than my estimates. This year everything was four hours behind! I shot two matches with the local kids playing in their first round matches. By comparison, most of the kids playing at UT were already done! It did help a little bit, but I didn't get dones shooting until almost 8pm! which meant doing my work in the car on the way back to the hotel and sending on the run, luckily Austin has good 3G coverage all over the city. By the time the day was over it was an 18 hour day, and that's only day 1.





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