Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Kid Boxer...

I give out my business cards a lot, and when I tell someone to feel free to call me anytime if they have stories I really do mean it. Most of the time I'll never hear from the people I give my cards to. However, there are the few people who will call me. Geno, the guy who runs Old School Boxing is one of them. Last year he told me about Karissa after I had told him a couple years earlier I was interested in doing a story about female boxers. So, when I got a message from him a couple of weeks ago, about a kid going to the state Junior Olympic boxing tournament, I was excited about another boxing story.
Geno did it right too and I had to thank him for it. All too often I have sources call me and say "hey this is going on right now" or tomorrow, you should come out and cover it. And usually I'm already too busy and can't make it out there that day. Luckily for both us us I got the call on this one a month before the kid was going to El Paso, so it gave me plenty of time to get out there. I was able to work it around all the other stuff going on and go out there to shoot twice. Here is the link to the story that ran: Learning The Ropes







Allen Sullivan said...

I really like these photos, Tommy. Nice work.

Tommy said...

Thanks Allen, good to hear from you