Monday, May 31, 2010

UIL Golf & Tennis Day 2...

The second day of hell week isn't nearly as bad as the first. Mainly because, #1 I'm already in Austin already so I don't have a four hour drive to get there before I start. And, #2, tennis is only the championship matches. However, the problems with overlapping are still there, even more so sometimes. Mostly because I have to stay until the end to watch for reactions. And again like on Monday I had two different golf courses to go to. I got the local 4A player before going to shoot tennis. Unlike West Texas the course the 4A golf was playing on had lots of trees lining the course it was nice to be able to make a photo of the fans watching from the trees.
Next I headed to downtown for the tennis. Wylie had three different teams playing. The first was mixed doubles. The match went quite a while to three sets. I figured this would be good since it was pretty close. Well, the Wylie team won and while the male half of the team was getting pretty excited after quite a few of the points, after he won he went to the net shook hands with the opposing team and left... not good for photos. Luckily in the boys doubles match the guys were very animated and after they won they didn't disappoint. The last match was the Cramer twins who won easily as expected.



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Josh D. Weiss said...

First photo is awesome, great job.