Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday Night Football on a Saturday Afternoon...

The excitement and crowds for Friday Night Football around here are second to none, that's pretty much undeniable, however, the light could be better. So, where there is a Saturday afternoon game, it's a lot more fun. The only problem is, especially this time of year, the weather. The week before the weather had been great. Saturday though it was in the high 90's and the temperatures on the artificial turf field was even worse.
For the first half I toughed it out down on the field. It was damn hot, in fact the turn was so hot from the sun beating down on it it was burning my knees through my pants. How Fun! So, for the second half I decided to change things up. Since I can shoot from the field any game, I decided to go shoot most of the second half from the camera deck on the press box. This is only best done during the day since I need really long glass. Using a 2x convertor on the 400mm lens is best and can only be done during daylight. It made for a nice change from the norm, plus the shade and the breeze were nice too.








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