Monday, September 5, 2011

College Football Opener...

Given that the majority of the football games I shoot are on Fridays, when I get to shoot a game on a Thursday, it's sort of like a bonus. That's the good thing about the first couple weeks of the season, Thursday night football. I'm not sure why, they're so popular at the start of the season. But, the first couple of weeks are pretty full.
This week I went to Staphenville for ACU's opener against Tarleton State. Last year, at home, ACU lit up Tarleton handing them their biggest loss in school history. So, I was kind of expecting something similar or at least a pretty easy win for the Wildcats. Well, it didn't quite turn out like that. Tarleton was a much improved team and ACU, well they eventually woke up and won the game but it was incredibly sloppy on both sides of the ball.
The first half of the game was really sloppy and neither team made all that great photos at all. There was a nice enough face mask shot and a couple others, which gave me a few shots to send in. The second half, though, had a lot more action, plus some really great drama in the fourth quarter. ACU, down 4 points in the last few minutes, made two drives in the last few minutes, one ending with them scoring with only a minute left. As I stood on the sidelines shooting some jube shots (one really nice thing about D2 football, is you can pretty much go wherever you want on the sidelines) Tarleton was marching down the field. They got all the way to the ACU 4 yard line with only 4 seconds left in the game. This was probably going to be the last play of the game. For stuff like this I'm always watching for the reaction shot rather than watching the actual play, which ended with an ACU interception. ACU squeaked out a close one. Too bad it was after deadline and the best shots ended up only making it online. Oh well, the slideshow looked good, at least.



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