Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Friday Night Football Week 2...

Friday night I shot Stephenville coming to town to play Wylie. I was looking forward to it after Stephenville had knocked off the #1 team in the state the week before in a game that anyone who was there said it was one of the best games they had seen. For the first quarter, Wylie kept things in check pretty well in the first quarter with it ending only 14-7, thanks in part to Wylie returning a fumble for a touchdown. The Stephenville defense stifled Wylie.
Then in the second quarter Stephenville's offense woke up and the game got out of hand. That's when things started to get ugly. Once the offense started to click the game was over. Stephenville was just too much for the over-matched Bulldogs and there wasn't anything they could throw at them to slow them down. The good news for Wylie, if there was any coming out of this game, was this is the best team they'll play this year and there is no chance they'll meet in the playoffs, since Stephenville is 4A and Wylie is 3A.







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