Saturday, September 10, 2011

Look, In the Sky... It's Smoke...

Last Sunday morning I was leaving the grocery store with a few bags of ice and other frozen items for a party we were having that night. As I walked out of the grocery store there was a huge plume of black smoke in the sky. Damn, I'm thinking, I've got all this frozen stuff and this, what looks like a big fire. As I'm pulling out I see a police car turn the corner and fly down the street. Well, damn, I figure I better go check it out. One of the local schools is in the area the smoke was coming up and there was a lot of it! It turns out the fire was at a building so I pull into the parking lot quick as fire engines are pulling in. The flames were pretty big. The firemen got it out pretty quick, it turns out the fire was caused by a roofer's tar pot and there wasn't much damage. I grabbed my shots and was on my way home in less than 10 minutes and got home before everything melted.

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