Monday, September 19, 2011

A Win Would've Worked Better Here...

I'm often asked "who do you want to win" when I'm at games. And, my official position for my job makes me neutral. However, I'll often tell people "Why don't you ask me at halftime." I usually get a perplexed look and want to know what I mean. Well, this Friday's game between Wylie and Waco High was the perfect example of why I often say this.
I honestly don't care who win the game, yes, sometimes it's a lot easier to cover the winner rather than the loser but these pre-district games don't have a whole lot riding on them other than some bragging rights and pride. There isn't a lot of great emotion to it and relatively nothing riding on the game.
So, this week was the perfect example, of why I decide at halftime who I'd like to win. During the second quarter of Friday's game, Wylie came out and played lights out, both on offense and defense. There were a few nice long passes, some great defensive plays. And, even during the last couple of minutes of the second quarter it poured rain (very rare around here lately) which made for a few really nice shots and weather shots all together.
Basically, I had some really nice shots that I was happy with. However, just because I was happy with what I had, there was another half of football to be played. Then Waco High seemed to wake up and played lights out with some tough running plays and basically pushing Wylie all over the field. Something, that the eye test would've said should have happened the whole game. So, at the end of the game when I went to look at my photos, there just wasn't a whole lot that really told the story. Waco's game was really vanilla and kind of dull, no big plays, no big hits. They just did a workman like game and won. Oh well, these things happen, its a good thing it happened now rather than the playoffs. I still was happy with the photos I got, I just wish the outcome would've been different so they told the story a little better.





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