Monday, September 12, 2011

How Can a Game This Close be so Boring??...

Friday night was Cooper's home opener. It's been a pretty tough season so far for the Cougars, in the first game they gave up a 28 point lead in the second half to lose, and last week they got beaten pretty bad in Austin by Westlake. So, this week's game against San Angelo Central was supposed to be the one that righted the ship. Central was coming in with a 2-0 record, but that hadn't really played any tough teams yet either.
Cooper looked good scoring early with a nice touchdown pass. After that the offense seemed to stall. Central was moving the ball pretty well. The score stayed close the whole game, but the game just didn't seem that exciting. Everyone I talk to had pretty much the same feelings about the game... kinda boring. There were a few nice plays during the game by both teams, Central had a nice interception return for a touchdown, and Cooper had a few nice long pass plays. But, for the most part the game just seemed to drag by.
After Cooper kicked a field goal to go up 23-20 Central came down the field and was in field goal position with two seconds left. This is when things REALLY began to drag out. Both teams called a timeout, then another for Cooper, I guess trying to ice the kicker. This whole time I'm looking at the clock, it was late, this game took forever. Lots of incomplete passes, stopping the clock. Then Central lines up to kick, a 29-yard field goal, good. But... flag down, Central called for a false start, a 5-yard penalty and re-kick. Ugh, well, I guess this is good, no overtime... yet. Then Central calls timeout again. Teams line up, then a Cooper timeout, dear god! Can we just play the game already?!? Finally, after five timeouts, no one had any left, they could finally run the play. Central misses (good, there was no way I was making deadline if they went to overtime!), game over... finally!! I really do think it took 10-15 minutes to play the final 2 ticks of the clock!






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