Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Boys of... Late Winter?

I love baseball, grew up playing it. It's a thinking man's sport and involves a lot of strategy. And I'm all for playing baseball in the spring, summer and even the fall. However, when games are being playing on a weekend when snow is in the forecast... well, it's just to early to be playing. Rant over.
So, last Friday, with the weather being in the 40's and the wind blowing pretty hard, I shot the first game of ACU's doubleheader against Colorado Christian. At this point of the year my goal is just to get a semi-decent photo and try to get my timing down, and come back with a photo that not awful and my best image not coming from second base. I don't have a problem with second base shots as my #2 or #3 photo, but not my #1, except on the rare occasion that it's a spectacular photo. The shot of the left fielder, at this point in the year made me happy, it's a decent start to the season... even if I was bundled up.


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