Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sing Song Sing Along...

It's photo column time again, I swear the last few times I've reached my turn in the rotation I feel like I've just finished. Anyway, in a very rare weather situation the column I'd originally intended to do it got cancelled because of the weather. So, I ended up going with a backup of ACU's annual Sing Song event. We were already running a preview of the event, so I needed to find something a little bit different from it.
I ended up going heavy with behind the scenes photos, just because those photos tend to be a lot more fun and it's different from the performances. For the story I took the angle of the groups' directors. I got some really great quotes from the two that I talked to and was amazed at how much work they have to put into the preparations for the show in addition to being actual college students and going to classes. It doesn't leave a whole lot of free time. All in all, it's a fun event to shoot and it's really impressive to see how college kids can pull off such a grand show.




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