Monday, February 20, 2012

Now, These are the Games That Count...

The playoffs started on Tuesday. These are finally the games that count. Every game I shoot now has some sort of meaning and has something riding on it. It seems like every February I begin to enjoy basketball season a lot more. Mostly because I finally get to see some decent, competitive games.
So, my playoff opener started with a pair of area teams, Comanche and Clyde facing off in Eastland. The game was really kind of sloppy, both teams are young and the majority of the players on the court were underclassmen will be back next year. And the playoff inexperience really showed in all the missed shots. But, at least it was even, the final score had Clyde winning 29-28. A scored that stayed that way for the final 2:09 of the game... neither team made a shot, free throw or field goal for the last 2+ minutes of the game. That was kind of ugly, but at least with a close win there is the chance for a nice celebration. Thankfully, since there wasn't much scoring.


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