Friday, August 24, 2012

A Girl and Her Horse...

Last weekend I was assigned a story about three generations of women barrel racing at the same event. It sounded interesting enough. When I got there I found out the focus of the story had changed since just the youngest was racing. That ended up making the story a little better photo-wise. I was afraid I was going to show up and shoot a bad portrait of the three of them standing by a horse and then wait to shoot individual action shots of each of them. This one was better I got to get some photos of Bree as she got her horse warmed up and talk to her mom and grandmother during the process. The great part about it was she was the third rider in the competition so I was able to shoot her race. After the race she had pretty much forgotten about me being there and as she was walking her horse back to its trailer she stopped and gave it a kiss. It was a really sweet moment. When I was shooting it, it was one of those rare moments I knew I had the shot I wanted to use. Then I look at my camera an notice it was white balanced for the arena. Ugh! I had also had the ISO jacked up pretty high. I cringed looking at it in the LCD screen. Luckily it wasn't too blown out, just the background (which actually helped clean things up). When I got back to the office I was able to fix it pretty well. Then I noticed it was going on a black and white page. It's not often I change my photos to black and white. But after seeing this in print it really does work a lot better for these photos.


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