Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Last Week, at Band Camp...

Around here the forgotten two-a-days are the local high school's marching band practices. Not only are there good numbers of participants in the local football programs, but there are good numbers in the local bands too. Watching the way they put everything together between the precision marching and learning and putting the music together to go with the performance in just a couple hours a day and then putting it all together is pretty impressive.
I ended up having to shoot the whole thing in just two days, I was hoping for three, but a much needed rain shower lost me a day. The first day I went to Cooper, who was still putting their marching together without instruments. Then the second I got Abilene High outdoors, luckily they picked up their instruments towards the end of practice. After that I headed to Wylie to shoot them playing in the band hall, with hopes of getting the marching the next day (that got cancelled because of the rain). I did end up getting enough nice shots from each school that it turned out well, even with the wrench that got thrown into things.






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