Sunday, August 12, 2012

P-Dogs 2 Day Homestand...

I spent a couple of days shooting the Abilene Prairie Dogs' recent home stand. The team is in its first year playing and has been pretty interesting to watch. The team hasn't been all that great, they've has some pretty bad pitching issues, with the bullpen blowing a lot of games or the hitters having a hard time getting clutch hits. But, given the price of the admission and from some of the games I've gotten to see this year it has been nice to get out and shoot some sports during the summer in a time when there really isn't a whole lot to shoot.
As a new tea in the league, the Prairie Dogs aren't playing the normal schedule of splitting their home and away game 50/50. Les then half of their games are home games. Which will often cause them to only play a couple of home games a week and some weeks they are gone the whole week. That keeps things from getting stale. The two games I shot a couple weeks ago between Abilene and Edinburg got pretty interesting with a nice argument between a player and an umpire, some fun games for the kids between innings and some really nice light. I think the best thing about getting to shooting minor league baseball this summer though, is unlike shooting high school and college baseball, there is no sound better than the carck of a wooden bat hitting a baseball.





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