Monday, September 7, 2009

Feature Cruisin...

For some reason when school starts back up we go through a lull of stories, which means the last two weeks have resulted in a lot of feature cruising. Friday was one of those days. I've always felt the best and sometimes easiest features to find are those with some sort of a news peg. Before going out I try and check our calender pages and any other places that may have a list of events going on. They don't always prove very fruitful but every once in a while you find something. After that it's just getting in the car and driving around looking for something interesting. Friday I had spent about 30 minutes looking before heading by the Taylor County Expo Center, I had remember seeing some of the truck from the carnival in a few days before but nothing was going on. It was worth a shot to check again. As I drove by there were a few of the rides being put together. After that it was just a matter of making an interesting photo.

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