Thursday, September 17, 2009

Forgetting what it's like to win...

In April McMurry University hired Hal Mumme as their coach. Over the last 10 years McMurry's football program has been nothing short of pathetic over the last few years. McMurry was on a 14-game losing streak coming into this weekend's game. The good news for them is they were playing Austin College, one of the worst Division III schools in the country. And, with the team's new system and high profile head coach this was supposed to be the game that finally broke the streak, and they were even going to do it on their home turf.
Well, no one bothered to tell Austin College they were supposed to lose. McMurry's offense actually looked pretty good. Better than they have in a long time. They scored. Something I hadn't seen them do in a long time. The problem was, the McMurry defense couldn't do anything to keep Austin College's defense off the field. That was a problem. The new high-octane offense spent most of the game on the sidelines. In fact, I think the whole third quarter McMurry only ran three plays. Here's where the problem came. Ironically since the defense spent so much time on the field, I actually got some really nice defense photos. But, I think the two photos that summed up the game the best were the touchdown pass slipping through the players' hands and the look on Mumme's face as he watched the game from the sidelines in the fourth quarter. I have a feeling he's going to have that look on his face a lot this year.

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