Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Football: Day 2, Game 2

Friday night was the first high school game of the year for me to shoot. And, while there was big buzz about the ACU game the night before mostly because it was on national TV, make no mistake, this is West Texas and high school football is still the king. Cooper was playing O.D. Wyatt, a game that on paper looked like it was going to be a blowout. It was.
The score was 49-0 at halftime and all the starters were standing on the sidelines after the first drive of the third quarter. I really hate shooting games that are so one-sided like this. Since one team is so outmatched it really doesn't take a lot to beat them down and the coach of the winning team doesn't want to run up the score to bad and make it look like poor sportsmanship, so you get maybe half a game of good action then it's pretty much just dive plays up the middle.
So, by the fourth quarter I was pretty much just wandering the sidelines next to the team shooting stock/feature shots of coaches, players, fans and cheerleaders for the online slideshows and future stories. The best line of the night came from Ryan Heslep, the starting quarterback who told me, "This sucks, I'm bored. I only got to play the first half and the first drive of the third quarter. I should have thrown a few interceptions just so we could stay out a little longer." It gave me a good laugh and pretty much put the whole game into perspective.

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