Thursday, September 3, 2009

Football Day 3, Games 3&4

There is nothing better than a daytime football game. And, even better than that is a doubleheader. The final two games of the weekend were a day/night doubleheader of football games. Abilene high was playing an 11am game, then two area teams were playing the nightcap at 7:30pm.
The first game, like the night before was pretty much awful as expected. In fact, it was pretty much over right after the opening kickoff, which Abilene returned for a touchdown and the other team never came any closer than that. It did make finding the photo that defined the game a little easier though, since we ended up using that as the main photo of the game.
The one good thing about the game was there was a wide receiver on the other team that was rated by most recruiting services as the number two or three best wide receiver recruit in the country. The problem was the kid didn't have a decent quarterback to throw him the ball.
0830AHSvsDunbar 0325
Despite it being a not so great game matchup-wise, there were still plenty of decent photos to be made, unlike the ACU game a couple nights before when both teams were playing sloppy and couldn't throw a pass. It didn't hurt that I spent most of the game out of position. There were a few nice plays and I wasn't out of position nearly as much as a few nights before. Having daylight and no deadline pushing back at me didn't hurt either.
The second game of the night was actually a decent game and would have been worth the price of admission. Jim Ned played Merkel, both 2A schools are only about 20 minutes away away and brought decent sized crowds.
0830JNvsMerkel -0130
This game looked like it was going to start out a lot like the Abilene game. Merkel took the opening kickoff back inside the Jim Ned 20 yard line and then scored a couple plays later. However, Jim Ned never rolled over and played dead like the team in the earlier game.
0830JNvsMerkel -0837
The game was actually really evenly matched and despite some first game sloppiness from fumbles and such it was a really fun game to watch. The problem there was, since it was Saturday, I had an earlier deadline and had to leave at halftime. Which at first I wasn't too disappointed about since it had been a long game. But, since I hadn't seen a decent football game all weekend it would have been nice to be able to stick around a little bit longer. Oh well, I'm sure I'll see plenty good games, there is still 14-16 weeks left!
0830JNvsMerkel -0095

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