Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Saturday Full of 6-man Game 1...

The weekend after Thanksgiving was kind of an odd week in that all of our 11-man football teams ended up playing on Friday and none had games to be played on Saturday. We did, however, have a few 6-man football teams playing. Abilene Christian High was playing its playoff game in Zephyr in the afternoon and defending state champion Throckmorton was playing just up the road in Early later that evening. It made for a nice road trip to cover a couple of teams we don't always get to cover very much.
The first game was Abilene Christian High School playing Bracken Christian. At the start it looked like it was going to be a pretty good game. Both teams traded a couple touchdowns, there each team had a few stops and it was looking like it would be pretty fun. Then after the first quarter ACHS took over and pulled away with things. By the second half the game was a blowout and it was just a matter of time before ACHS won by the 45-point mercy rule. That was just fine with me, that gave me time to edit my photos and get up the road to the next game on time.






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