Friday, December 14, 2012

A Saturday Full of 6-man Game 2...

The second game of my Saturday full of six-man football was supposed to be a really good game between defending state champion Throckmorton and Water Valley, who was actually the favorite in this game. It was kind of cool since the game had a 6pm start time, which put it right around sunset. which allowed me to capture a really nice shot of the opening kickoff and coin toss.
The game was supposed to be a lot closer than the one I had shot a few miles down the road in Zephyr, but Throckmorton didn't seem to feel the same way. The Greyhounds came out looking like the defending state champs, taking the first play from scrimmage to the end zone for a touchdown. Now this isn't all that unusual in six-man football it is known for its high scores. But then Throckmorton was playing some really stiff defense. Water Valley did keep it close on the first couple of drives, but by the second quarter things really started to get out of hand quickly.
By the start of the second quarter it was just a matter of time before the game ended via the 45-point mercy rule. Water Valley came out and scored a touchdown and stalled one of Throckmorton's drives to prolong the game a little bit longer, but there was never any doubt who was going to come out on top in the game. Throckmorton ended up winning the game 62-16 late in the third quarter.






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