Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Negative Image of Each Other...

My playoff trip this particular week took a different path than the last couple of weeks of going to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. This week I was going to Lubbock to cover Stamford and Stratford. The games was being played at Lubbock-Cooper High School Pirate Stadium, which I have to give huge props to, this is by far the best lit high school football stadium I've even shot it. It was so bright I could even use a teleconverter without pushing my ISO to too crazy a level, and there was no light falloff in the end zones like pretty much every other place I've shot. Now, back to the game, in particular the teams' names... Stmaford and Stratford, as if there names being close wasn't hard enough to deal with, the two teams wore exactly the same uniforms! Right down to having the same "S" logo on their helmets.
There was glaring difference between the two teams though. Stamford runs a spread out, run-n-gun offense, while Stratford was a lot more old school, running two tight ends, two back sets taking advantage of a lot of fullback dives and misdirection. It's not uncommon for Stratford's drives to last 6+ minutes. Stamford on the other hand can score quickly from anywhere on the field.
The game started out with Stratford slowly and methodically moving the ball down the field taking 6+ minutes for a 55-yard drive. Stamford then got the ball and quickly got the ball down the field to score. After that it kind of set the tone for the game. Stratford would get the ball and move it slowly, but after scoring on the first drive of the game their drives would stall, including a really nice interception in the end zone by Stamford defensive back Dalton Mathis. Stamford won the game 27-7 scoring on four of its six possessions, one of which was the end of the first half. The defense looked really great in this game and they proved that they could beat the tough physical game with a strong defense and now were only two wins away from a state title.




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