Thursday, December 20, 2012

Clash of the Titans...

The matchup between Stephenville and Wylie in the Class 3A Division I state quarterfinals was something that many in the area had circled on the calender since the regular season was winding up. This is one of the best teams that Wylie has had in a while and Stephenville was dropping down from being a great 4A program. Wylie was ranked the #2 team in the state and Stephenville #3.
The first half of the game was what everyone expected. Stephenville's high octane offense put up points quick and had no trouble moving the ball up and down the field on Wylie's stout defense. The Wylie offense did a good job of moving the ball well too, mostly on the ground but also with some nice passing.
The second half of the game, though, was a different story. For the first part of the third quarter Wylie was still in the game, but by hr end of the quarter Stephenville was hitting on all cylinders and making plays on both sides of the ball and Wylie just couldn't keep up. The hole got too deep and the Stephenville offense never let up. I've said it before, this is probably the best Wylie defense I've even seen and the juggernaut of an offense that Stephenville put out there wasn't even phased by it. The final score was 59-28, Stephenville scored on every possession except the one turnover they had in the first half and when they ran out the clock at the end of the game, they looked really impressive.









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