Sunday, December 9, 2012

Back to Football Doubleheader, game 2...

The nightcap of the Arlington football doubleheader between Abilene and Arlington was Abilene High playing Arlington Lamar. On paper this game wasn't going to be close at all Abilene was coming in with an unblemished record and Lamar had a .500 season and barely squeaked out a win in their previous playoff game. But, like they always say, that's why they play the game instead of just playing it on paper.
Lamar came out in the game swinging. With their two big wide receivers they were able to move up and down the field. The Abilene High defense was playing well and the Eagle offense was moving the ball pretty well too. But Lamar was making it a game. A few key turnovers were what was keeping the Eagles in the lead at halftime, but Lamar didn't look out.
On the opening kickoff of the second half Abilene High took the kick and returned it 99 yards for a touchdown to open things up. That pretty much turned the tide of the game. After Lamar got the ball back they didn't look the same. Abilene then started to move the ball really well both with short passes and grinding the ball out on the ground. The final score was 53-34 with AHS winning the game pretty easily. Looking back the game never really felt in doubt, but up until the latter half of the third quarter Lamar never seemed to be out of it either. It made for a really entertaining game.









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