Friday, December 7, 2012

Back to Football Doubleheader, game 1...

So, after taking the first week of the football playoffs off to cover state volleyball I was itching to get back to shooting football. The playoffs are six weeks long, but they always seem to fly by, probably because of all the travel and how busy I am. With Thanksgiving coming earlier than normal this year, we were in the second week of the playoffs and most of our 11-man games were being played on Friday. The great part about the Friday after turkey day is since there is no school there are usually afternoon games to cover as well, which means nice light.
Cooper and Abilene High (they're a later post) were playing a doubleheader against a pair of Arlington schools on Friday in Arlington. Cooper had pulled the harder of the two draws playing a good Arlington High team. It was back and forth the whole game and it never looked like the Cougars were able to get into a decent groove. However, they did make quite a few nice plays, which made for some nice photos as well. One of the biggest problems with these games is the light. On one side if the field it is fabulous, then going the other way it is awful. Going into the nice light I didn't have to do much work at all. though when I was looking into the sun, it took a while to get the photos toned right and there were a couple areas of the field I just couldn't shoot at all, that's a pain, but something that needs to be dealt with.
Even though Cooper ended up losing the game 27-20 it was back and forth the whole time, which always makes for a more entertaining game than a blowout, going either way. They had the lead for a lot of the game, but a few stalled drives just couldn't make it work out of them in the end.







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