Tuesday, December 4, 2012

State Champs...

After Wylie's 5-set thriller of a volleyball match to make the state finals the day before, it was a wonder how they could top the match they had just played. And, going into the game against #2 ranked La Grange, it was obvious that Wylie would have to play a lot better then they had the day before.
Once again, they came out looking good and winning the first game. Then the two team just went back and forth trading games. Back to another game five. It wasn't looking real good for Wylie from the start. La Grange would jump out to a couple-point lead then Wylie would reel them back in an tie the score. But, the Lady Bulldogs were never able to get the lead. Finally, at the 11th point Wylie took its first lead of the match. A few hitting errors by La Grange and key blocks by Wylie gave the Lady Bulldogs' the school's first state championship in volleyball, which they had only started playing varsity volleyball five years ago.
I've always said it is a lot easier to cover the winning side of the game than the losing side. And, after covering the losing side the past two seasons, this was certainly a lot easier to do, however, I wasn't sure it was going to happen until the final point. The good part about that, is I knew no matter the outcome the emotions were going to be running very high and there would be no shortage of great photos to be made.







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