Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hot ON the presses...

So, normally when I'm shooting football I'm working until anywhere between 1 am and 4 am putting the slide shows together after the game. How late I'm there depends a lot on how good the game was and how well I shot it. And, while Thursday night are rare, I do have to shoot them on occasion when both Abilene High and Cooper are playing home games. This particular night AHS did just that. And, as usual in their pathetic district they blew out their opponent. So, the slide show was only about 30 pics, and I was home by 1am and in bed by 2am. Little did I know that I would only get a short nap. At about 5am my cell phone started ringing. I pretty much slept right through it, however, my wife who could sleep through a car running through the house (and especially the damn alarm going off most mornings, since I'm the one it wakes up and have to practically shove her out of bed) did hear my phone going off. So, I stumble out of bed thinking some asshole is drunk dialing the wrong number and I'm the unlucky person getting it. Well, that wasn't the case. It's a message from my boss saying there's been a fire at the paper and I needed to go in to get photos. I guess I was the only one who was close enough to answer my phone.
The one cool part about this is, normally when I go to shoot fires I'm kept back outside and unless flames are shooting out of the building I'm getting photos of firemen walking in and out of the building. Well, this time I got a little better access, since I worked there. I pretty much got to follow the fire inspector around everywhere. The bad part about it is when I got done at 7:30am I had enough time to go home eat breakfast, shower and head to an assignment I had set up the day before thinking I could go back home and sleep. Well, needless to say, with adding in the football game I had to shoot that night I ended up with a 19 hour day. Big fun!

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