Sunday, November 29, 2009

Playoffs Week 2, Day 2, Game 3

The nightcap of my three game trip to Midland was Cooper playing El Paso Del Valle. Last year Cooper beat the snot out of Del Valle and this year was supposed to be the same and I was going to see yet another one of those blowout games that would be over at halftime. Well, that's not quite what happened. Cooper came out about as flat as they could an Del Valle was on fire. By the end of the first quarter Del Valle was winning 24-0. I guess the good thing about getting down this early like this is you have three quarters to make it up, and that is just what they did. It certainly made the game a lot more enjoyable.
By the end of the second quarter Cooper had made up the deficit and tied up the score. Del Valle came back and took the ball down the field to open the third quarter and kicked a 50-yard field goal. After that Cooper took over. They scored a touchdown on the next drive and never went down again. It made the game a lot more fun to watch than the 2 blowouts I had witnessed in the two previous games.







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