Sunday, November 22, 2009

Playoff Week 1, Game 3, day 3

With so many of our area teams in the playoffs I spend a lot of time driving around the state. Last year I drove about 2,500 miles in the six weeks of the high school football playoffs. This year I had a game in town on Thursday, Friday I made a 300+ mile roundtrip to Arlington, then on Saturday I went to Midland for Wylie playing their playoff game against Lubbock Estacado. Yet another day of a 300+ mile round trip to cover the game. The good thing was the game wasn't until 7pm so I was able to sleep in after getting in at 4am.
The first round of the playoffs often will result in some pretty anti-climactic games. This was one of them. Despite the team playing without their starting quarterback who was out with a knee injury. Wylie just pounded Estacado. The first half made for some pretty nice photos. The second half the team was pretty much put on cruise control and coasted to an easy win. I guess it was a good thing and made the game end early which helped as far as getting my photos in on deadline.





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