Saturday, November 21, 2009

The House that Jerry Built...

One of the coolest things about the high school football playoffs in Texas is most games are played on neutral fields. When I first got here 10 years ago playoff games at Texas Stadium were the norm. It wasn't uncommon to have 4 games played on a Saturday during the playoffs. I never like Texas Stadium as a pro stadium... to be blunt, the place was a dump. It was 30+ years old and was really starting to show its age. However, as a high school stadium it was really cool and allowed a handful of kids who would never play football beyond high school the opportunity to say they played on the same field the Cowboys played on.
So, when Jerry Jones built his new $1.6 billion palace of a stadium and closed down Texas Stadium, there had been rumors flying around that the days of this great playoffs tradition was going to be gone since the rent that Jerry was charging was too much for the teams to afford. Well, I don't know the whole truth since there was so much written, but I'm guessing there was at least some truth to it, but it was good to see high school games at this amazing stadium.
There has been plenty written about how this is an incredible stadium. And, while I'd heard about how great plenty of places were only to be disappointed when I actually went there, Jerry World totally lived up to its hype. The video screen alone is worth going just to check it out... I'd like to have one for my house, the only problem there would be I think it's bigger than my house!





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