Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Playoffs Week 2, Day 2, Game 2

So far, my playoff miles haven't been nearly much as last year, now granted we are only 2 weeks into it. But, a lot has to do with all three Abilene teams were playing their opponents in Midland, so after a Thursday night game only a mere 90 miles away, my Friday and Saturday games were all in the same place.
This game wasn't much different from last week's game. Wylie won pretty easily in a game that was never really close. The problem with this was pretty much everything I shot in the first half was all the really great action I was going to get. Now, I know coaches love these kind of games as do some fans. But, I'd prefer something a little closer. Actually they did still keep the starters in for a little bit in the third quarter since Wylie's quarterback had been out for the previous 2 weeks with a knee injury, so he could shake what little rust he had away.
The good part was, since they played vanilla in the second half they mostly ran the ball and killed the clock quickly which was nice and allowed me to shoot some post-game stuff before sending my pix back. I do have a superstition though, even though I'll shoot celebration photos and use them for slideshows and even on inside and photo pages, I won't use them as the main photo on the section front in a game the team is supposed to win. I think I kind of look at it as the Sports Illustrated curse. Not to mention I have always kind of found it to be stupid to give a separate trophy for every round of the playoffs.






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