Thursday, November 26, 2009

Playoffs Week 2, Day 3, Game 3

Saturday's games were pretty nice, both Abilene High and Cooper were playing their playoff games against a pair of El Paso schools and, I guess, in an effort to get more fans (both teams usually travel pretty well anyway) to support both teams they played a double-header in the same place. No matter what the reason it sure made things nice for me since I never had to leave the stadium
Grande Communications Stadium in Midland is about 7 years old, and in my opinion, is the nicest high school football stadium in the country. The people that run the stadium are very friendly and allow you to stay as late as you need to, to finish writing your story/filing your photos, the light is GREAT (it was great before I got my D3, now I can use a teleconverter if needed), not to mention seating for 15,000 a nice press box and lots of parking. My only complaint is it has the WORLD'S SLOWEST elevator ever made, which means when I'm on deadline my fat ass has to climb the stairs to the press box, since if I wait for the elevator I may miss deadline. I guess I need the exercise, so I can't fault the stadium too much for that.
Saturday's game was typical of what I had seen of Abilene High all year... They beat the hell out of another team. That coupled with harsh daytime light didn't make for the most wonder game of the year. But I was able to pull out a few decent frames regardless. The nice thing about day games is I don't have to keep watching the clock and run up to the press box the minute the game is over, I can hang out and get post game celebration, school song, etc. Probably my favorite photo from the game was of the team doing their postgame chant (below). Even though the game pretty much sucked, it was fun and the team moved on to next week which should be a better game.






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