Saturday, November 12, 2011

24.6 Miles for the Miracles...

Last Saturday was the Miracles for Miles Marathon in Abilene. A marathon is one of the few sporting events I've never shot. I have shot long bike races, so how could this be all that much different other than the people are running a helluva lot slower than than the bikes were going. I figured this would be a good thing since it would be a lot easier to get ahead of the leaders. The waking up at 7am after getting home from shooting football at 3am was tough, but walking outside in the cold morning air was a very quick, very immediate wake up!
After covering a few cycling races, I've come to find out photos at the finish line aren't nearly as exciting as those both at the start and along the race course. Plus I had other assignments to shoot, so I probably wouldn't be able to get finish photos anyway. There was a decent sized field for the race so it allowed me to get a few different angles from the start and still show a good number of racers in the field. After that I drove a couple miles down the road and positioned myself a couple hundred yards from one of the water stations. The best part of being up this early was the nice morning light, the sky was absolutely beautiful! After laying in the grass on the side of the highway for about 20 minutes (and getting some odd looks from a few runners), I was happy with what I had. Thank god, I wasn't going to have to follow them the full 3+ hours of the race... plus the really pretty light was quickly running away.

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