Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Candy Dispenser Day...

I've always thought of Halloween as a "Love it or Leave it" kind of holiday. I've got some friends that absolutely live for the day, me I've never been the type to like to dress up for anything, that includes going all out on a costume. In fact, that last time I can remember wearing a costume, if you even want to call it that, was when my roommates and I went to K-Mart in college and spent $6 on a box of women's knee high stockings and squirt guns and dressed as "robbers" so we could get into a concert for half price. However, I am one to appreciate a really cool costume, especially one that is homemade or just really well thought out and partially homemade (probably because it's a lot more than I'd ever invest into my costume).
So, last Thursday, I when I was assigned to shoot the Fall Festival (begin rant: which is the new PC term that churches and businesses use as to to offend those who don't appreciate Halloween as a fun event, but find it to be a satanic holiday, end rant) at the Mall of Abilene not only was my goal to find nice moments, but also people in really cool, unique costumes that go beyond he store-bought cheap plastic costumes you see every year. And, I think my two favorites were the owner of the Chick-Fil-A in her chicken Pez dispenser and the kid who's mom made him this awesome Easy Mac outfit out of yellow-painted TP and paper towel rolls, including a fork with noodles on it... just too cool! I'm still not dressing up though, but I will give out candy... hey, I'm not a total Halloween Grinch!

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