Wednesday, November 23, 2011

State Volleyball, Day 1...

Wylie was making their second trip to the state volleyball tournament in as many years. I also had to shoot photos of the Class 1A match earlier in the day for another paper. After last year's trip, Wylie was hungry to get back. Their first trip to state didn't start out real well, it's obvious they were playing tight in losing the first two games, but made a comeback to take the match to five games, but lost the last one. Not the kind of outcome they wanted in their first trip to state, so it was obvious they were wanting some vindication.
The first match I shot was Water Valley playing Cayuga in the 1A match for the San Angelo paper. It's a little over four hours from Abilene to San Marcos and they were playing at 11am. Needless to say, getting up to leave at 7am was not real thrilling. I got there a little after the first game had started. The good thing about it was it gave me some time to get a little practice in before the Wylie game. I had a couple of nice shots, but Water Valley beat them so bad, it didn't make for really fabulous photos.
When the Wylie match started it didn't look so good. They went down 5-1 and all of the sudden it was starting to look like deja vu from last year. Then it seemed like they woke up and in a quick way. After, their little hiccup at the start of the match, there was no looking back. Wylie pretty much controlled everything after that and won the match in three games.
One problem I noticed that I had tried really hard this year to do while shooting volleyball was vary things up. When I got to editing my photos, I noticed I never shot any photos from the floor, everything was shot from up high. Now, my previous problem was I would shoot everything from the floor and nothing from the stands. Oops, well the good thing about it was since Wylie won I'd have a chance to vindicate myself the next day since Wylie had won.



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