Tuesday, November 8, 2011


November might as well just be called the month I'm never home, let's see home many miles I can drive in a single month without ever leaving the state. So, the first playoffs I shot was Cooper playing Arlington Martin in Brownwood. It's been a while since Cooper made the playoffs in 5A, they did make it once during their 2-year stint in 4A, but their one playoff match was far away and one of the other local teams had a home match. But, a short trip to Brownwood was an easy choice to cover. Well, the match wasn't all that great Arlington Martin was good and Cooper was just over matched. They ended up losing the match in three games and it wasn't event that close. Getting blown out so bad, there wasn't a whole lot of emotion about the end of their season, but I was happy with the action shots I got from the match.






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