Sunday, November 20, 2011

Busy Day, Part 3...

The nightcap of last Friday was heading up the road about 45 miles to Post for a football playoff between Stamford and Olton. The game was something I was shooting more out of convenience thank how good the game looked on paper. It was supposed to be a Stamford blowout. However, that wasn't quite the way it happened, mostly because of Stamford having a problem holding on to the ball. Then towards the end of the game, Stamford's quarterback, Hagen Hutchinson, got hurt and didn't return, now that ended up making things really interesting since he is pretty much the catalyst for both the offense and the defense. That injury allowed Olton, who was playing like that pesky little kid who just wouldn't go away, stay in the game and make things interesting at the end. On the final drive of the game for Olton, they stalled and couldn't convert on 4th down with less than a minute left in the game and Stamford kneeled on the ball to win it 35-32. It was a decent game, but I was hoping for a few more long passes, because the ones that were thrown I was either out of position for or looking at the wrong receiver, oh well, next time.





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