Monday, November 14, 2011

Playoff Opener...

Thursday night was the first playoff game of the year. And, as usual there is no shortage of area teams hoping to stay alive for the next six weeks for a state title. Snyder and Graham were playing each other in Abilene. The good thing about that is I didn't have to leave town. While Graham is sort of part of our coverage area, Snyder was the team we were a lot more concerned with, however, I was also shooting photos for the Wichita Falls paper, and I'm glad I was.
Had I not been shooting it for them I probably wouldn't have gotten the top shot since normally when the team I'm shooting is on defense I line up behind the ball watching the defense. The game wasn't the most thrilling there wasn't a whole lot of passing, and the defenses looked ok, but since I was shooting both teams it kinds of hampered my shooting of the defense. But, there were a few nice moments.





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