Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Busy Day, Part 1...

Last Friday was not only the first Friday of the football playoffs but also the Class 3A regional volleyball tournament in Snyder. We had both Big Spring and Wylie playing in the semifinals on opposite sides of the bracket. Big Spring was playing first and had been playing really well the last couple of weeks. Plus they had a couple of really big hitters on the team who could be problems for just about any team. The problem that they always seemed to run into is they went through stretches that they didn't pass well and had a tendency to give up big runs. And that's sort of the way the match went, they'd play well for stretches, but also gave up big runs and ended up losing in four games.
This was the first year that it had been played in Snyder, last year it was in Lubbock. So, it was nice having it 85 miles closer, it made the drive there a lot nicer. One thing I was worried about was the light at the coliseum, when I had shot there a few years ago the light absolutely sucked! But the light turned out to be really great. Also, it was really nice, they had a big black curtain behind one side of the court, which made for a really great background for floor level shots. And, when they switched sides I moved up in the stands to shoot from up high that gave a nice perspective I can't really get from shooting in most high school gyms.






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